Uncategorized January 29, 2018

Ageing and Lifestyle Choices

My mother would have been 99 on January 26. Remarkably, she was able to live out her life in the same house I grew up.  When my parents entered their 90’s, every effort was made to keep them at home. At the time I thought it was because that was what my parents wanted.

Now, as a Realtor, I wonder what was it about that house that enabled my parents to live out their lives without moving.

Mom and Dad were 90 and 94, respectively, when they took their last breath.  In the same house, they raised a family, ran a business, retired, traveled extensively, lived with age-related health issues. This included a broken hi; COPD; diminished hearing, mobility and memory.

How did this house support these kinds of lifestyle changes?

My parent’s home supported their old age because it had several important features:

  •  A walk-in shower.
  • An extra bedroom that my Dad could sleep in when his snoring keep Mom awake.
  • An entry that was easy to negotiate using a cane.
  • Halls wide enough to accommodate a wheel chair.
  • Kitchen counters high enough to work at without bending over.
  • A flat front yard for easy installation of a wheelchair ramp.

Lifestyle Choices – that should be the planning goal as we age. Chose the lifestyle you want and the type of home that fits the goal will be clear.

Lifestyle Choices include Ageing in Place, Condominiums, Over 55 Communities, Assisted Living Communities, Manufactured Housing Communities, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC).

Future postings will explore these options.

Until next time.